The One With the Butts, Part 2

Good news everyone! Here’s a new chapter and it’s still *checks* May! This has to be some kind of record for me. *snerk hurk* It’s now July. THE NEXT DAMN YEAR. Without going into too many details (maybe later) let me put it short and sweet: depression is a cunt. Right, short recap: in the last chapter, Tyr grew up into a young adult, he went to France with his grandmothers and… uh, Hanna was naked. The working title for the last chapter was “Just a Useless Filler Chapter”. This is fairly close to that as well. Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Oh, and uh… because I have a mod to remove the mosaic from naked sims, this chapter is technically NSFW. If the title wasn’t obvious enough. I guess. Halp.


Idun: Hey, Tyr’s mom. I studied hard and got good grades and I’ve been a very good girl.

Freya: Don’t spank her Idun, it’s a trap.

Kristin: Hush, gramma.

Freya: That hit close to home I take it.

Kristin: If you let Tyr go out with me I promise to bring him back before ten, and I’ll take him to church on Sundays and I’ll make sure he easts his greens.

Idun: The way you speak…

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The Heartbreakers

Haha yeaaaaah. Woah, I have a blog. That I only write in once every six months. Woo. I’ve had a whole lotta ups and downs and I didn’t feel like writing (and then raged when I couldn’t build the family a house that I liked, so I didn’t play either) so here we are. Life, eh kids? Eh? Eh? The truth is that about a third of this chapter was written in October last year, and then I just lost all interest, especially since not a lot is happening. BUT I MADE IT AND HERE’S A old NEW CHAPTER.


Bragi: Yep, this is the place.

Hanna: The  beach? I think not, tell them I moved the party to the bar.

Bragi: I don’t think you can decide that, especially since it starts in five minutes. Oh, and it’s not your birthday party.

Hanna: I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Bragi: Just park the damn car.

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So right. Yeah. Okay. If someone ever tells you “Name your chapters after James Bond soundtracks, it’s the best idea ever” SAY NO, because for every Coldfinger, there’s The Woman with the Golden Butt and For Your Pies Only (scrapped, no one ever eats pie in this household) and Licence to Scan. Basically, just say no kids.

Welcome back to THE FINAL INSTALMENT of generation 4. Damn. I haven’t played (properly, hurrhurr) since June, I’m really itching to play now. This may be the longest chapter I have ever written, mostly because it’s either that or two very short chapters. I don’t have enough punny titles for two chapters damnit, so here we go. In the last chapter, the family lost two cats, Hustomte, the father of the current “cat generation” and Hustomte’s grandmother, Kerri, the oldest cat ever. (I looked through my older screenshots, Kerri was adopted in Appaloosa. Damn.) The kids went to a Casual Friday Office-themed prom, because nobody bothered to dress up, Bragi got a vegan girlfriend who may or may not be Australian and I made Tyr go spouse hunting. He failed spectacularly.


On the other hand the potential spouse did actually come to him to save him from doing too much jogging, my darling couch potato >_> After Hustomte passed away, she went downstairs and fell asleep out on the patio. Most visitors would have fled by now, but Kristin stuck around. IS THIS A SIGN?!

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A Licence to Scan

Wow, the titles are just getting more and more creative, eh? (Totally missing out on Licence to Skill,  but nobody ever does any damn skilling so what would be the point)

Hey kids! Welcome back to more LISBI… fun. Uh, events. Yes. Last chapter I was in birthday hell, and it was beige. This time there aren’t as many birthdays, but the beige is still going strong. I’m really sorry. I’ve been sitting quite a lot on pinterest to find inspiration for colour schemes and other general decoration ideas. You know what le couleur du jour is? IT’S GREY. THAT’S OKAY. I’LL JUST REPLACE ALL MY BEIGE (or as one article described it, white sand) WITH GREY, THANKS INTERNET. Anyone would think that my blood pressure is fairly high. It’s not, it’s super low.

Ahem, as you already know, the main reason to why I can’t bring myself to write is still the fact that my screenshots just makes me want to set fire to everyone and then go hide, but I soldier on, because I still love playing this ridiculous family, despite the blandness.


Syn: Who are you calling ridiculous and bland?

Right, ridiculous yes, bland, not so much.

Laron: I’m posing again. It would be such a shame if people didn’t take out their cameras about now.

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Yeah, I’m back again with another chapter, and so soon as well. What the hell happened? Stars aligned, the pyramids flared, my boyfriend had to go into work on his day off and I’m trying to not spend all my time off playing pet rescue saga. (This has actually happened and I’m trying not to hate myself for it) In the last chapter Tiny Tyr grew up and there was a gift giving party. Precious just generally stole the show and I expressed my hate for my own decorating. It was a sad yet uneventful time. This chapter has more of the same and about a million birthdays. Arggh graaargh huuuuurghhhh.


Zombie: Arggh-graaargh-huuuuurghhhh

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Nobody Does it Worse

Decorating houses that is. Because I’m the worst. One of the reasons that this chapter has taken so long to come out is simply because I looked at all my screenshots, thought “well, these are boring as fuck” and then I simply couldn’t be arsed. They’re all practically the same colour. If you make it through this chapter I commend you. And that’s about it.


Hanna has been promoted to Pop Icon and now always wears sun glasses inside.

Hanna: It’s because I’m an icon.

And you’re posing by the washing machine, but that’s cool too >_>

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The Woman With the Golden Butt

Once again the title is SUPER-relevant.

Phew, we’re finally getting somewhere with this generation. Last chapter generation 5 twins Skadi and Bragi were born, as well as three other cousins, one of them being Precious’ son Jered. Hel would be so proud >_> I supersplurged today and played loads because joy \o/ Generation 4 might not be terribly long, compared to all other generations. WHAT A NOVELTY.


Hanna: Hey, lookit you! Lookit the little baby! Where did you come from, huh? Who’s your mommy? –FREYA DID YOU GET PREGNANT WITHOUT TELLING ME?!

That is your granddaughter, Skadi.

Hanna: Syn got pregnant again? That was fast.

No, uh… It’s Idun’s child.

Hanna: Idun had a one-night-stand? I may not be especially conservative, but I don’t want that kind of thing going on under my roof.

No, with her husband, you know the blonde guy that’s been living here for like a week now.

Hanna: THE MAID?! She married the maid?


Hanna: I dunno… This all seems very suspicious to me.

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The Stein Who Loved Me

So there’s a lot of Stein in this chapter. Despite the title, I’m fairly sure that Stein is pronounced “Stayn” and not “Stine”. (Or “Shtine” ugh.)

Two chapters in a day! Am I crazy or do I just need to get a life. I will say probably both. ERRYTHANG happened in the last chapter! Will I keep up this time? (checks through screenshots) Maybe.

“Toni Laufeyson has become a teenager. Something something hormones and also studies.”


*zooms in* Er. Damn. Didn’t your ridiculously beautiful mother teach you better?

Toni: I had my birthday in a taxi, go away.

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